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Basco Paints
About Us
Basco Products (K) Ltd is a leading paint manufacturer with over 45 years’ experience in the manufacture of paint and paint related products. Over the years the company has expanded its offering from the initial Basco Economy range of paints to the Duracoat Premium Range, the Duracoat Ultima Range as well as a host of other top international brands. Basco paint products are widely distributed in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC and Southern Sudan.

Our Vision

To become the most admired and preferred paint company in east and central Africa providing expert solutions & inspiration through innovative, value-added products and services while enhancing our stakeholder value.

Our Mission

To satisfy our customer’s needs through products of superior quality which are competitively priced and of utmost reliability.

Our Values
  • Quality: Being a customer-driven company, we deliver products of superior quality.

  • Teamwork: We encourage teamwork and positive contributions and hold excellence in all spheres.

  • Corporate Governance: We practice and observe good corporate governance.

  • Safety & health: We embrace health, safety and environmental practices in all our operations.

  • Integrity: We conduct business with customers, suppliers, employees and other stake holders in an honest and fair manner.

  • Being a customer-driven company, consistently offering products of superior quality.
  • Encouraging teamwork and positive contributions from our motivated
  • Practising and observing good corporate governance.
  • Embracing accepted health, safety and environmental practices in all our operations.
  • Conducting business with customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders in an honest and fair manner.
Our Milestones
  • 2022

    Basco Launches New Emulsion Plant

    Basco Paints Launches New Generation of Waterproofing Range

  • 2016

    Duracoat Silicon Emulsion was introduced

  • 2015

    Launched Duracoat Fragrant range

  • 2014

    Became the world’s first company to manufacture and sell San Marco products and open a production plant in Kampala

  • 2013

    Lead and chrome-free paints were introduced

  • 2012

    1014 status and launched the anti-bacterial range

    Received the Superbrand East Africa

  • 2011

    Bagged the Best Ad Campaign & MSK Warrior Award for being an eco-friendly brand

  • 2009

    Received the Superbrand 2009-2011 status

  • 2008

    Received the ISO 9001:2008 certification

  • 2007

    Bagged the MSK Warrior Awards

  • 2003

    Became the first company to launch Automated Computerised Tinting

Corporate Information

We believe in doing things differently. At Basco, we are always doing our best to deliver superior-quality products to our customers. Our 45 years of expertise in manufacturing paints, construction chemicals, and other products has helped us develop and provide customers with over 7,000 shades. They are made available to customers at 500 different locations through the Duracoat Colour Mania Centres.

This is not all. We have also upgraded our offerings from the Basco Economy range to Duracoat Premium range.

At Basco, we ensure our products reach as many countries as possible. Today, we are a company with multiple product lines, connecting the country and the world.

Basco Products Ltd. has international presence in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, and Southern Sudan.

We understand your requirements. Continuous innovation paves way for new and improved products, letting us keep pace with our customers’ requirements.

Whether it is our interior or exterior products, our offerings start out in the factory but make its way into homes and hearts. Today, our brand portfolio includes a gamut of products in the consumer and industrial space.

Duracoat Ultima - Super Premium Range

Duracoat - Premium Range

Basco Value - Economy Range

Making a difference with our major projects. We ensure that our customer prospers with our expertise.

Every year, we dedicate hundreds of hours to identify the requirements of the customers and aim to fill in the gap with our continuous efforts.

Completed Projects
  • ALP Warehouse/Tilisi

    Duracoat Real Roc

  • Atihi/General Mathenge Road

    Duracoat Real Roc

  • Enzi Tower/Mombasa Road

  • Jalaram Medical & Temple/Westlands

    San Marco Acrysil KP1

  • Kril Hospital/Kiambu Road

    Duracoat Real Roc

  • Krishna View Apartments/General Mathenge Road

    Duracoat Real Roc

  • Laxcon Plaza/Parklands

    Duracoat Silicone Exterior Emulsion

  • Lifestyle Apartments/Kamiti

    Duracoat Real Roc

  • Moon Valley Apartments/Kileleshwa

    Duracoat Real Roc

  • Nelion/Thingiwa

    Duracoat Real Roc

  • Ngara Low Cost Housing Project/Ngara

    Duracoat Vinyl Matt Deluxe

  • One Park/Parklands

    San Marco Acrysil KP1

  • Oyster Pearl/Westlands

    Duracoat Real Roc

  • The Gallant/Parklands

    Duracoat Real Roc,Duracoat Silicone Exterior Emulsion

  • Tree Wall/Westlands

    Duracoat Real Roc

  • Vrindavan Tower/Ngara

    Duracoat Real Roc

  • WoodCreek School/Kamiti

    Duracoat Real Roc

  • Yare Tower/Eastleigh

    San Marco Acrysil KP1

  • Yaya Centre/Kilimani

    Duracoat Silicone Exterior Emulsion

At Basco, we do not leave the community behind.

Since our inception, our growth has been strongly linked to our country. In today’s world, sustainable development is important for all businesses. At Basco Products Ltd., we comprehend the impact of our business on the environment and the society at large and strive to make CSR activities the heart of Basco Products Ltd. At Basco, we initiated our flagship project in May 2010, with a view of transforming ordinary painters into experts. Our aim is to leave an imprint of creating a vantage point for those from humble backgrounds. This initiative is beneficial to many painters as it allows them to venture into entrepreneurship and consultancy.