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Duracoat Aquatech Bond Latex 503
Duracoat AquaTech Bond Latex 503 is an acrylic polymer based, used as a cement modifier when applied, provides good bond with masonry / cement and thus, improves the tensile and flexural strength properties of the mortar. It is a SBR-based liquid for high performance application in waterproofing and repairs
Features & Benefits
  • Preventive Waterproofing
  • Bonding Agent between plaster to plaster, concrete to concrete & plaster over brick masonry
  • Repair Plaster Cracks
  • Salt-Petre Free Plaster
  • As a waterproof repair plaster
  • As a coating for prevention of corrosion in rebars mixed with cement
Technical data
  • Pack Sizes
    1L, 5L, 20L
  • Recommended Dosage
    As a bonding agent 1 Part of Duracoat AquaTech Bond Latex 503 : 4 Parts of Water : 7 Part of cement
Surface preparation
  • Surface need to be cleaned by wire brushing followed by vacuum cleaning so that surface is free of any loose particles, dust, laitance, mould release agents and curing compounds
  • Water jetting is not recommended.
  • All cracks to be treated
Application Video
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