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An excellent choice for premium finish

wood primer
Duracoat Universal Undercoat
A premium quality multi purpose undercoat which ensures good weathering and obliterating properties. Suitable for interior and exterior use on all types of surfaces.
Features & Benefits
  • Outstanding Durability
  • Excellent Opacity
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Easy smooth application
Technical data
  • Recommended Area
    Cement plaster, Wood, Metal
  • Pack Sizes
    1L, 4L, 20L
  • Available Shades
    White & Pastel Shades
  • Spread Rate
    13 - 15 Sq. Mt/Ltr
  • Dilution
    Dilute 1L Duracoat White Spirit with 4L Duracoat Universal Undercoat
  • Recommended number of coats
    1 Coat
  • Application Method
    Brush, Roller or Spray
  • Touch Dry Time
    2 Hours
  • Recoating Time
    4 - 6 Hours
How to apply
  • Step 01
    Duracoat Universal Undercoat
    1 coat
  • Step 02
    Apply your desired Duracoat Emulsion top coat

Dilute 1L Duracoat White Spirit with 4L Duracoat
Universal Undercoat

Drying Time between coats
4 - 6 Hours
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Carpet Area :

Surface preparation
  • Surface should be free from any loose paint, dust and grease.
  • Wood Surfaces: Prepare surface by sanding to smooth, then apply one coat of Duracoat Wood Primer or Duracoat Aluminium Wood Primer as may be required before applying one coat of Duracoat Universal Undercoat.
  • For Metal Surfaces: prepare surface by degreasing, sanding with abrasive cloth and brush off the dust,then apply one coat of Duracoat Red Oxide, Duracoat Zinc Chromate or Duracoat Red Oxide Zinc Chromate primer before applying Duracoat Universal Undercoat
  • Previously Painted Surfaces: Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from loose, flaking material. Surface must be cleaned and rubbed down with sand paper to a smooth surface.
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