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wood primer
Duracoat Aqua Wood Primer
A premium acrylic latex primer undercoat for use on new or previously painted woodworks. It provides optimum sealing, excellent adhesion, resistance to peeling and cracking with maximum hiding. This product contains a tannin blocker to resist wood stains thus sealing and protecting bare wood surfaces such as siding, trim, doors and windows
Features & Benefits
  • Water Based Low VOC
  • Easy application
  • Excellent Covering
  • Superior Wood Penetration
  • Quick Drying
  • Excellent Adhesion
Technical data
  • Recommended Area
    Wooden furniture, Doors, windows, trim
  • Pack Sizes
    1L, 4L, 20L
  • Available Shades
  • Spread Rate
    9 - 12 Sq. Mt/Ltr
  • Dilution
    Dilute with upto 10% Water
  • Recommended number of coats
    1 Coat
  • Application Method
    Brush, Roller, Spray
  • Touch Dry Time
    20 - 30 Minutes
  • Recoating Time
    4 Hours
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Surface preparation
  • The wood must be clean and dry, and free of dust, oily residues or products that may limit adhesion
  • For New Wood, sand the surface using 150/180-grain sandpaper. Mix the product thoroughly and apply it with a brush. After 4 hours, apply if necessary a second coat of product, without sanding
  • For previously painted wood, Sand with 100/120-grain sandpaper until the complete removal of the pre existing coating. Complete the sanding with 150/180 grain sandpaper. Remove the sawdust. Mix the product thoroughly and apply it with a brush.
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