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Keeps your vehicles sparkling for years

Fast Dry Enamel
Basco Autoguard Fast Dry Enamel
Basco Autoguard Fast Dry Enamel is a hard wearing paint used on truck bodies , heavy commercial machinery or equipment. It is based on a combination of good quality fast air drying resin and good quality light fast pigments which gives the finish excellent durability. lt is designed to give high gloss finish straight from the gun and is therefore suited for use in large vehicles, including railway coaches, aircrafts and heavy machineries and equipment etc.
Features & Benefits
  • Excellent Gloss & Hardness
  • Light Fast Pigments
  • Excellent Durability
  • One Coat System
  • Maximum Flexibility
Technical data
  • Recommended Area
    Truck Bodies, Heavy Commercial Machinery/Equipment, railway coaches & Aircrafts
  • Pack Sizes
    0.5L, 1L, 4L
  • Available Shades
    Shades available on request
  • Spread Rate
    Dilute with Basco Synthetic Fast Dry Enamel or Basco Standard Thinner
  • Dilution
    1 Coat
  • Recommended number of coats
    spraying at a pressure of 55-60 p.s.i.
  • Application Method
    15 - 20 Minutes
  • Touch Dry Time
    30 Minutes
  • Recoating Time
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Surface preparation
  • Surfaces must be dry, clean and free from contaminants
  • Sanding down is best when abrasive paper is introduced onto water wet primed surface.
  • Prime the surface with Autoguard NC Primer
  • Apply Autoguard NC Spot Putty onto dry Basco Autoguard primed surfaces to fill crevices & indentations
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