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SanMarco Decorfond Bianco
DECORFOND is a highly washable base product specifically developed to prepare indoor wall surfaces before the products VELATURE, PERLACEO, DECORI CLASSICI, CADORO, CADORO VELVET, ABC RIFLESSI, MARCOPOLO. Formulated with an acrylic polymer-based binder, DECORFOND creates a film able to resist the alkalinity of plasters. Thanks to its particular formula it is able to perfectly even out the absorption of the support surface.Thanks to its leveling powers, excellent opacity, good coverage and whiteness, DECORFOND is able to help attain the best results in terms of appearance and decoration.
Features & Benefits
  • Highly Washable
  • Acrylic Polymer Based Binder
  • Alkali Resistant
  • Excellent Opacity
  • Excellent Whiteness
Technical data
  • Recommended Area
    New and old plasters, Concrete walls, Painted walls, Gypsum walls
  • Pack Sizes
  • Available Shades
  • Spread Rate
    8-10 m2 / L per coat
  • Dilution
    30 - 35% with water
  • Recommended number of coats
    1-2 coats
  • Application Method
    Brush, roller, spray gun and airless
  • Touch Dry Time
    30 Minutes
  • Recoating Time
    6 Hours
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Carpet Area :

Surface preparation
  • Surface should be free from any loose paint, dust and grease.
  • Growths of fungus, algaes or moss should be removed by wire brushing and water
  • Any surface cracks or holes should be raked out and filled with Duracoat Internal & External Skimcoat
  • Treat surface for moulds and algaes if present with Duracoat Fungicidal Wash.
  • In the case of highly alkaline fresh masonry, apply the Duracoat Alkali Resistant Primer to provide excellent adhesion and integrity.
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