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epoxy floor coating
Duracoat Floseal Sf 500
Duracoat Floseal SF500 is a two component, solvent free epoxy floor coating which can be easily cleaned and has high surface hardness, mechanical and chemical resistances.It has an excellent wear and tear resistance and suitable for medium to heavy duty industrial and decorative flooring. The coating can also be applied to provide a non slip texture and may be top coated if required
Features & Benefits
  • High chemical and physical resistance
  • Excellent compressive strength
  • Excellent flexural and tensile strength
  • Seamless, dust free and easy to clean
  • Dense corrosion resistant surface
Technical data
  • Recommended Area
    Showrooms, Parking Areas, Areas where Forklift & Corrosive Chemicals are of concern
  • Pack Sizes
    4L, 20L
  • Available Shades
    White, ClearOther shades available on request
  • Spread Rate
    4 - 5 Sq. Mt/Ltr/Coat
  • Dilution
    Do not dilute
  • Recommended number of coats
    2 - 3 Coats
  • Application Method
    Brush, Roller, Spray
  • Touch Dry Time
    4 Hours
  • Recoating Time
    24 Hours
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Surface preparation
  • Concrete surface to be laid must be flat and roughened and cured for 28 days.
  • Remove laitance preferably by using Blast tracking machine or diamond grinding machine with vacuum sucking off the dust.
  • Weak, cracked, broken sections in the concrete floor must be repaired using Duracoat Epoxy Filler
  • Apply one coat of Floprime Sealer before applying Floseal SF500
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